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We Are ArtVenturers!

We travel to discover artists, cultures, places and people.

We seek to understand as many visual voices as we can and share them with the world.

Wooden Hut

The Path of an ArtVenturer starts HERE

Make no mistake, this is no ordinary course.

This is an ART-centered, Story-Driven World Exploration: we explore the world by taking part in a story then use that exploration as a springboard for creating art.

In choosing to become an ArtVenturer, you are entering a whole world with its own rules, characters, stories and special items, and many more fun things planned as the community grows. 

The ArtVenturers(TM) program can be compared to a multi-volume, epic saga. Each expedition is but one chapter in the current story arc. A world is slowly built. Characters come and go. Mysteries show up to be solved. You, as the hero, gain experience and resources over time through creating art. It's a GRAND Art-venture!

Once you embark into this world, you remain in regular contact with HQ (the instructor) for support, advice, guidance and mentorship, as well as your fellow ArtVenturers through the community group. An ArtVenturer is never alone.


ArtVenture 100 - Introduction


This is our Starter Course and is FREE!


ALL ArtVenturers Start HERE.


This is an introduction into the world of the ArtVenturers. We like to call it our Boot Camp Training. With the help of a couple, simple art projects, you will learn a special set of skills needed to venture out into our world.


Once you graduate, you are ready for Expedition 01.


ArtVenture 101


In Expedition 01 a mystery is uncovered.

Follow the clues in subsequent expeditions to get to the truth as the story evolves.

Expedition 01 goes into great details with project demo videos, visual examples and step by step instructions so you become familiar with our system. You will find it all comes together in a smooth, easy and logical way.

Expedition 02 eases up on the reins and sets you loose a little more as you become familiar with the ArtVenturer "game" aspect and background.

Expedition 03 continues with the established format as you become a seasoned ArtVenturer (currently under construction).

All Expeditions have step by step art demos, instructions and art projects easily adaptable to varying levels and mediums. It is all explained in clear instructions with lots of visual examples.


ArtVenture 102

The ArtVentures will continue....


Be sure to connect with our community through the online group where any and all questions you might have about The ArtVenturers can be answered directly by the founder and creator.

See our ArtVentureZone page on Facebook (icon below) and request membership into the group, or better yet, sign up to our Introduction Course for the link.

Are you an ArtVenturer yet?

Click through to our online course platform.

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