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We Are ArtVenturers!

We travel to discover artists, cultures, places and people.

We seek to understand as many visual voices as we can and share them with the world.

Wooden Hut

The Path of an ArtVenturer starts HERE

Make no mistake, this is no ordinary book series.

The ArtVenturers(TM) book series invites you to be an active participant by completing mission assignments. A world is slowly built. You, as the hero, gain experience and resources over time through creating art. It's a GRAND Art-venture!

Once you embark into this world, you have the opportunity to remain in regular contact with HQ (the author) for support, advice, guidance and mentorship, as well as your fellow ArtVenturers through a private online group.


An ArtVenturer is never alone.



Workbook 3 - Status Update


Cover   .......................  -

Interior Content   .......  In Planning

Proof Copy   ..............  -

Editing   .....................  -

Available ....................  -

ETA To Be Determined

ArtVenture 101

Workbook 1: The Shop Is Calling, pt.1

Boot Camp Training, Expedition 01 pt.1 

- June 2023

Workbook 2: The Shop Is Calling, pt.2

Expedition 01 pt 2

- April 2024

synopsis: The Shop, our secret art restoration facility, is requesting help sorting through a shipment of crates recently arrivedWhat will you find?


curriculum: Two artists and their respective journey from Realistic to Abstract and into Art Nouveau. Two Elements of Art and one Principle of design. Four projects with step-by-step instructions and the setting up of our ArtVenturer journal.



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