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What to expect from our content

1. How can I be sure these stories are safe for our household?

Everything is based on fun adventures meant to discover the wonders of this planet and its people. Our stories will lead us to cultures and places we might not be aware of, sometimes in our own backyard, so to speak. No foul language nor offensive terms used. All adventures are G rated and based in a realistic fictional world.

2. Will there be magic, zombies, vampires, etc.?

Rest assured we do not do zombies, gore, or anything of that sort. We do not do "ugly." No supernatural creatures or otherwise included. As for magic, as much as the author does enjoy a good magical tale once in a while, there is no magic included in The ArtVenturers (TM).

3. Can you explain "Realistic Fiction" a little more?

Certainly. Realistic Fiction means creating a fictional world based in some semblance of reality as we understand it, though we might be taking some liberties in the level of technology and gadgets available to our ArtVenturers. This is fiction after all.

4. How many workbooks are planned?

The first five workbooks are already planned out and will be coming out one after the other in the coming months / years. The current plan is to create around ten workbooks so there is plenty more fun and creative time coming your way. Join our email list or group to stay informed. Better yet, get workbook 1 and get started.

5. anything else you can tell us about The ArtVenturers?

The ArtVenturers (TM) comes from a love of making art and a desire to create a (global) community of people and families having fun doing just that - all with a healthy dose of belonging to a fun make-believe fictional world.

While The ArtVenturers (TM) is just getting started, it is designed to evolve and grow over time into a real-life community with actual physical badges and other tangibles.

 Starting with Workbook 3, exclusive art and other physical items will only be available during the launch release. Be sure to get on the mailing list and/or in the online group if you'd like to be notified.

It's time to become an

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