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ArtVenturer Paper Craft pdf

We get the world excited about engaging our imagination through the visual arts.

WHAT is this?

The ArtVenturers (TM) is an engaging, fun, ART-centered, Story-driven online program that explores the world then uses that exploration as a springboard to create ART.
It IS:
  • an exploration of the world, both human and natural
  • an epic, world-building, on-going adventure
  • a game with badges, levels and rewards
  • art projects that engage imagination and creativity
  • accessible to all art skill levels
  • available 24/7
It is NOT:
  • an How-To-Draw Course
  • a school type curriculum
Colorful Abstract Painting

WHO is this for?

Teenagers (12+)

Any youngsters that enjoys being creative, or simply likes to spend time drawing and coloring will benefit from this program.

All art in the early expeditions is accessible to a Middle and High School level teenagers, starting with 12 years of age.


Be you:

  • A young mother looking for some quiet "me-time"

  • A struggling student needing a creative outlet

  • Someone overwhelmed with life stressors seeking personal art therapy sessions

  • Or simply anyone looking for a new hobby.

Come feed your soul with a little art making.


Perfect for any family looking for a fun, wholesome bonding activity to be done together.


Get your art supplies and gather 'round. Follow the story, watch demo videos and create your art pieces together.

This is sure to become a wonderful time shared as a family unit.

Whatever your situation, your time with our program can be quiet and personal, fun, lively family time or somewhere in between. In all cases, come connect with others in our wider community through this shared activity.

Join The ArtVenturers!

  • Explore artists, art styles, art movement and history.

  • Travel the world, discover new cultures and their art.

  • Go on Expeditions, complete Missions, earn Badges.

  • Showcase your own artwork in a journal.

  • Level up your character with experience.

  • Join a private online community for support, advice and direct access to the founder of The ArtVenturers (TM).


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What Makes The ArtVenturers Unique?

Traveller's Compass

ArtVenturers are not merely "taking a class". They are joining a community of fellow artists in an evolving, world building saga.


Each expedition builds onto the previous in artistic skills, knowledge and story. Characters a hero meets now might show up in a future expedition. Clues and artifacts uncovered in one expedition might become significant further down the road. Becoming the Hero of the story, each unravels mysteries, completes missions and creates art, all the while earning points to level-up their character and gain experience.

The ArtVenturers(TM) is an exploration of human culture throughout history, seen through the lenses of the visual arts. Together we explore artists, art movements and art techniques, but also cultures, people, traditions, geography, the natural world and so much more, all becoming a springboard for our creativity and imagination.

The richness of humanity's history and diversity and this incredible planet we live on is so vast, there is no limit to our exploration.

ArtVenturers are guided by an instructor with over 20 years of teaching experience and working with kids.





All Skill Levels Welcomed

The ArtVenturers (TM) is specifically designed to be accessible to all skill levels. Most art projects have multiple options depending on skill levels, mediums and confidence. All participants are encouraged to try more than one approach to get the most out of this program.

Whatever one's artistic skills might be, right now it the perfect time to start! Come be the hero, have fun with our projects and community, and your skills will organically improve over time.

ArtVenturer Paper Craft pdf

FREE Starter Course

Our ArtVenturer Introduction starter course is FREE!

Why free?

Because we want you to jump right in a see what is in store for you as an ArtVenturer with us. Since there is no financial commitment, there is nothing to hold you back... so come join in on the fun.

Everyone is invited to participate in an online community group where you can meet with the ArtVentureZone owner, founder and instructor. For teenagers, parents are also invited.

Ask any questions you have about the art, the projects, the expeditions or anything you want to know about the program. 


Incredible Value in Each Expedition!

​Here's what you'll receive:

  • A chapter of the evolving story;

  • An exploration of art, artist, culture, history and more;

  • Art projects with video demonstrations, step by step instructions, visual examples and visual references, all adaptable to multiple skill levels;

  • An Art Journal you'll be proud to share for years to come;

  • An invitation to a private community of ArtVenturers;

  • Access to the instructor for advice and guidance;

  • And an experience unlike anything else with our rewards, badges and level pins system.

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Our current catalog includes:

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Our Very First Testimonial!

"Way More Than

An Art Course."

Here's what Cat, a new mother from TEXAS, has to say:

"I have something fun, something I don't have to plan, something engaging.

It's gotten me excited about "me time" and given me a creative outlet.

Thank you for providing an outlet that is way more than an art course.

You have an incredible talent for making art fun, enjoyable, and not as intimidating."

But What If?...

... I'm really not good at drawing?

Projects are presented with step by step videos. You can follow along or watch as many times as you need.

Several options are also discussed in how to approach a particular project, with varying levels to choose from according to skills and confidence.

We encourage you to try out more than one option and your skills will gradually improve over time.

Remember, Art NEVER has to be realistic nor is there such a thing as "perfect." Relax, enjoy the process of creating and have fun within our community group.

... I decide this is just not for me?

No problem. We want you to have a great experience. Even though we think all can enjoy this truly unique program, we understand it might not be for you.

If you've purchased and Expedition and realize this is not for you, simply contact us within 10 days of purchase. Because of the digital aspect of this material, we offer a refund (minus payment processing fees) with less than 50% of the material consumed.

Are You Ready to Join The Ranks?


Start with getting your ArtVenturer Invitation Packet with Free ArtVenturer Paper Craft templates to print, color, cut out and assemble.

You will be redirected to our ArtVenturer Program Site.

Congratulations on starting your journey, and good luck!

See you on the inside.

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